"and how does it get better than this."

Some things I love and could talk about forever!!! : Pizza (gluten-free), chips and salsa, dogs, family time, the beach, Lake George, the moon, mediation, healing, manifesting, traveling, camera settings, reiki, acupuncture, crystals, health, wellness, interior design, Syracuse University (I bleed orange)

I am so happy our paths have crossed. Let me tell you a little about me! First off my name is Alexandria but PLEASE call me Allie. I am a modern, laid-back, whimsical, magical bohemian gal who lives on a rock 30 miles out to sea called Nantucket. I’m living the beach life I have always dreamed of and travel back to Upstate New York (Lake George) often. 

When I don’t have my camera in my hand you can usually find me exploring, soaking up the sun, practicing yoga or working out, walking my pups, designing my next shoot, listening to an audiobook, planing my next trip, manifesting, juicing, most importantly enjoying this life I am grateful to be living!  

Meet Allie

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A few words that describe me:

“There’s nothing better than seeing the pure love for something in someone’s eyes when they talk about it! Allie is glowing during her shoots or anytime she is talking photography. She has truly found her calling on this earth and I cant wait to see where she take it.”

- Joey-Lynn 

“Allie literally radiates joy & positivity when her camera is in her hands!”

"As our wedding photographer. I knew I wanted Allie to photograph my wedding even before I got engaged. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. She captured the details in my dress and flowers, but also the little moments that my husband and I shared on our special day. She made sure to reassure me that my day would be everything that I wanted it to be (even in a pandemic). I loved having her be a part of my wedding day. Allie has earned the role of being my photographer for life and I can’t wait for the next adventure she captures."

- Emily

“Allie exceeded all our expectations”

“I have used Allie on probably a dozen photoshoots (at least). She always sees the vision, understands what the client's needs, and always delivers stunning photos.”

- Social Static

“I truly couldn't recommend her work enough!”

A Sweet Note